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I grew up in Juneau, Alaska with my father who was an engineer and mother who was a nurse. We had a garage full of tools that sparked ideas and led to a lot of time spent tinkering, working on bikes, cars, and tuning skis.

I probably should have become an engineer as my twin brother did, but I chose a different path. I came out of college and directly into the pro-skier universe in the winter and commercial fishing in the Southeast Alaskan waters in the summer. This allowed me to spend time around boats and aircraft of all types, sparking inspiration from their design and build quality.

I’ve always been a very mechanical thinker, understanding how things work from an early age, and these experiences around interesting machinery shed an entirely different light on the possibilities of design and quality with regard to objects we interact with on a daily basis.

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"The items we interact with on a daily basis should promote joy and bliss and be inspirational to use. Design isn’t just something I do, it is my life."


These photos document areas of my life that have been influential getting me to where I am today. Designs can impact your life from many different directions. These photos describe for me the relationship we have with material objects and how they impact our life experience.


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